Farmer Tans 2011

The Farmer Tans calendar project begun as many great ideas do – while chatting and working on the farm. At first it was a joke – we didn’t understand why farmer tans had such a bad rap, we thought they were hot! We should make a calendar to show this to the world! But when someone suggested we do it for real (nobody remembers who) it became less of a joke, and we saw the opportunity for this to become a project that showcases all kinds of beautiful and sexy farmers and their tans. Not only did we want visibility of all kinds of bodies that work hard, we wanted to re-imagine the ‘family farmer’ image.

Most of us in the last calendar were queer. While the stereotypical image of the ‘calendar babe’ is certainly not a farmer, it is also true that the stereotypical image of a farmer is certainly not queer. Farmer Tans was about disrupting this and putting a new idea of hot and a new idea of farmer out into the world.

Farmer tans was about young farmer visibility, and queer visibility on the farm. It was about getting our tan-lines, and muck, and politics up on as many kitchen walls as possible.

And boy was the reception great! We had to do three printings of the calendar in total, and it made it’s way as far as New York and Japan! This year we’re back with HOMO GROWN – the new 2014 Rainbow Chard Collective calendar. Gayer than ever.

For those of you who missed out on the 2011 calendar here are a few of the fabulous photos!

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