Homo Grown 2014 participate!


What: Homo Grown – a queer farmer calendar
Why: queer farmer visibility!
Who: queer-identified farmers
How you participate: send in a photo
When to reserve a spot: by April 1st, 2013
When to submit photos: by November 1, 2013
Interested? See below for more details.farmermusclescropped

Background: The Rainbow Chard Collective was formed by a group of queer farmers and allies to build community and create awareness of queer farmers. Since its beginning the group has participated in numerous events, held workshops, and created a queer farmer calendar. The calendar was a big success the first time around and we are planning the second edition for 2014. We are seeking queer farmers from near and far to participate – we would like to make the calendar as diverse as possible from geographic location to farm types to queer identities to bodies.

2014 Calendar Title: Homo Grown

Criteria for Participation: You identify as queer and are a farmer. (This means that some portion of your income must be coming from farm sales. For all you backyard gardeners, we love you, but we are trying to specifically engage queer farmers).

Photo Specifications: We are seeking photos that convey your identity as a queer farmer, whatever that may look like. Photos can be a single person, couples, or groups of people.  We want photos of hot queers working the fields – and that can be fully clothed in your best farming attire to not wearing much at all – we’ll leave that up to you. But request that photos be tasteful with no full frontal nudity.adjustingtines

We are also aiming to have photos from all seasons, so if you’re interested in doing a month, email us and we’ll reserve it for you! We may put more than one photo per month depending on the number of photos submitted.

Please make sure your photos are of the highest quality possible (4 or higher megapixels, minimum 300dpi). We may edit minimally in terms of scale, lighting and colour but otherwise will not alter the photo.

Calendar Distribution: We want this calendar to go far and wide! The Rainbow Chard Collective is based in Vancouver, BC/Coast Salish Territories area and we will distribute in our region through known networks. We will rely on participants to help us distribute in other communities. Interested in distributing in your area? Give us a shout and we’ll hook you up!

The calendars will cost 20-25 dollars each and the money will be used first to cover any printing costs, some will be saved for future organizing, and the remainder will be donated to a non-profit to be selected by the Collective. Participants will receive a free calendar!

Calendar Write Up: We will ask all participants to submit a short blurb along with your photo either just about your farm or your experience of being a queer farmer. Please try to keep it under 150 words if you can. Participants are welcome to provide farm address and contact info, but are not required. The Rainbow Chard Collective will add small amounts of write up throughout calendar such as relevant quotes and recipes.


  1. Deadline to let us know you would like to participate: April 1, 2013
  2. Deadline for photo submission: October 15, 2013
  3. Calendar printed and ready to distribute: early November

Contact Information:groupphotopride2009

Please contact us for further information or to let us know you would like to participate:

Email: therainbowchardcollective (at) gmail (dot) com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rainbowchardcalendar