Homo Grown – call out for photo submissions!!

If you haven’t yet seen, the call out for photo submissions is up. We are looking for queer farmers to participate in making an awesome queer farmers calendar – Homo Grown for the 2014 year by contributing a photo.  The summary details are as follows:

What: Homo Grown – a queer farmer calendar
Why: queer farmer visibility!
Who: queer-identified farmers
How you participate: send in a photo
When to reserve a spot: by April 1st, 2013
When to submit photos: by October 15, 2013

See the Homo Grown page for further details on how to participate and see the Farmer Tans page for some photos that were in our last calendar.

We want to distribute this call out as far as we can, so help us out!

If you know of any queer farmers or farmer organizations that may be able to help us reach out (anywhere in the world) please send along the link to our online call out: